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Natural casings – Who we are


To present the history of Vector – Food, we must go back to 1995, the year in which the company was established by Marlena and Krzysztof Kaniuk. At first, the company operated in the casings processing and confectioning sector supplying the meat industry.

As the time passed, we strengthened our position on the market, extending our customer base.

Long years of cooperating with West European customers and the experience we had gained from there directed our attention to the byproducts of meat processing, and the possibility of utilizing them to make natural treats for dogs.

This is how two years later, the second branch of VECTOR – FOOD was established, operating in dog chew production. The first products to be released under the name of “Vector – Food DOG CHEWS” were dry pig ears and beef tripe.

Our natural chews have very quickly gained trust among customers and became increasingly popular. As the demand for our dog chews increased, we extended our product portfolio and launched new products on the market.
Currently, we offer more than 40 types of different dog treats, and the number is growing, stimulated by market needs. 
The main asset of VECTOR – FOOD is its being a family business. We constantly care about the high quality of our products and the good name of our brand. We discuss new ideas together and innovate or production technologies. Our young staff makes sure that the company develops in new directions and stays in line with the requirements of the modern market.

We are very much concerned about complying with the expectations and demands our customers pose to our products. Our motto both in production and order handling is: “The Customer is the Master”, which guarantees high quality of our products. Because of increasing demand for our products, communicated to us from all over Poland, we have opened an online store, where you can quickly and conveniently buy dog chews without leaving your home.

At the beginning, the initial 200 m2 of production and storage space was enough to meet our needs. However, as the Polish market develops, so does the potential of our company and the number of our contractors, and a sudden rise in sales dynamics has forced us to extend both our storage and production space.

In December 2004, we started up a high-tech processing and production facility in Wyczechowo near Gdańsk.  The facility has two production halls, storage space and freezer rooms. It was built according to the latest EU standards and has been granted a veterinary ID number. 


The top quality of our products is guaranteed by our qualified personnel, long years of experience learned from cooperation with the largest domestic and foreign recipients as well as modern technological facilities and the HACCP system implemented and operating in our company.

The casings processing plant in Wyczechowo is subject to constant veterinary supervision and has obtained a permit to trade with China, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova and the European Union.

Our activities include confectioning, calibration and sorting of pork, beef and sheep casings, and recently also confectioning sheep and pork casings into tubes and stripes.


VECTOR-FOOD, as a direct importer and processor of a broad range of natural casings, offers competitive product prices, while at the same time maintaining their high quality. Our extensive contacts with foreign contractors enable us to regularly update our production and give us multiple cooperation possibilities.